Wire Compost Bin Plan

This is a wire compost bin plan that is very easy to build.  Wire compost bins are great for yard debris like lawn clippings, chipped wood and even some household items.



  1. Roll out the poultry wire and fold back 2″ on either end to give yourself a clean edge to work with.
  2. Form a circle with the wire and fasten the folded edges together with the clips or wire
  3. Set the bin upright in the location you have selected for it and pound the dowels into the ground inside of the bin, against the edge.
  4. Use wire to fasten the bin to the dowels.  This will help the bin maintain its shape

Wire Compost bins are great when used in conjunction with other bins, as a holding area for finished compost, or material that will be composted.  Because they are somewhat flimsy it makes turning compost in a wire bin difficult.