Stationary Compost Bin Plan

This is a basic stationary compost bin plan.  It is built in square sections which can be stacked in order to build a bin that is high enough to meet your composting needs.  Below we’ll describe how to build a single layer, which can be repeated to get a bin that is as high as you need.

A note when building any compost bin out of lumber.  Never use pressure treated wood, it contains toxins and heavy metals which can effect the compost and anything you use it to grow.  Talk to someone when buying the lumber to make sure it is not pressure treated.



  1. Take one of the 2 shorter boards and place in position on two of the corner blocks. The ends of the board should be flush with the blocks; the blocks should be offset so that they project 1″ past the edge of the board.
  2. Hold the board in position against the blocks. Drill 3 holes, at one end of the board, through the board and into the block below. Fasten with screws.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 at the other end of the board.
  4. Now repeat steps 1-3 with the second shorter board.
  5. Stand the 2 shorter boards (with blocks attached) on their ends, with the ends of the blocks away from you. Place a long board on top of these vertical boards to form the third side of the section. Make sure that the ends of the longer board are flush with the outer edges of the vertical board.
  6. Drill and screw each end of the longer board, as in step 2.
  7. Turn the section over so that the unfinished side is on top. Place the second long board across between the shorter boards as before. Position squarely and drill and screw as in step 6.

This will be the first section of the bin, now complete additional sections to make it as high as needed.  Typically 5-6 sections will be enough for most home compost bins.