Pallet Compost Bin Plan

This is a very simple pallet compost bin plan, which can be cheaply built out of used pallets.  Make sure the pallets are not made out of pressure treated wood.


  • Four used wooden pallets
  • 32 wood screws (bailing wire can also be used to secure the pallets)
  • Four bolt latches


  1. Screw or tie three of the pallets together to create three sides of a box
  2. attach the four latch bolts to form the other side of the box

That’s it, a simple two step process to build a pallet compost bin.  You can also incorporate a 5th pallet as the floor of the bin, which will help with air flow and speed the composting process.  If you live in a dry climate it is good to line the bin with plastic to help it hold moisture.  If you live in a cold (snowy) or rainy climate cover the bin with a tarp to maintain the proper level of moisture.